6 Software Development Best Practices You Want In Your Partner

It is not enough for a software development partner to complete a project, hand it over to your team, and then disappear off the face of the earth. When you dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to a software development project that brings value to your business, you deserve to have a software development partner that supports your mission and has the same personal stake in your business as you do.

Software development best practices

Practices long-term code management

A development partner committed to long-term code management is ideal. Code management is essentially the practice of having a project’s code owned by the entire team rather than one person. This means that all team members on the project take responsibility for the state of the code and work together to solve problems if they arise. Partners who practice code management spend less time fixing code problems and more time programming.

Offers support and continuous development plans

Many organizations often don’t have the time or resources to troubleshoot their own software when problems arise. A software development company that wants to support you long after your project is finished is one that not only stands behind its code, but wants to see your long-term success.

Tools and technologies

In the field of software development, the best companies are constantly moving forward and trying to keep up with modern technologies. The companies you are likely to have more successful partnerships with are those that follow the latest software development trends and technologies. When choosing an outsourcing partner, it is essential to verify that the company uses the latest and most advanced tools and technologies. You should learn what tools and system technologies companies use and this will give you a broader perspective on how they can help your business grow.

Uses agile development practices

A partner who demonstrates an agile approach to your project means they are focused on finding the right solution for your business, even as expectations change throughout the project. Agile development means you get more involved in the discovery and development phase, and your partner focuses on delivering the most value for the time and budget you provide. This allows you to have more control over your budget and your software development partner to take a more flexible and adaptive approach to finding a solution that meets your business needs.

It keeps future code reuse in mind during the development cycle

A software development partner that keeps code reuse at the forefront of the development lifecycle means they are dedicated to your long-term success. Code reuse is one of the first ideas in programming that is, pieces of code, templates, functions, and procedures are reused and built on the final development product. Reusing existing code in your old software helps developers quickly understand the basics of your program and helps speed up the development process because the existing code is modified and not completely rewritten.


Software development may not be easy, but when done with the right practices and mindset, it will be less burdensome, less time-consuming, and more efficient.