10 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

Cloud storage solutions are lots extra than simply an area to unload your company’s information. Sure, it is any other force letter in which customers can percent documents, however with a controlled cloud carrier at the back of them, those structures can provide numerous different sorts of competencies that static nearby garage certainly can’t. They also can combine with the relaxation of your app portfolio to various degrees, mainly different garage and enterprise backup services.

Cloud storage solutions

The cloud can be broken down into numerous functions that you can run programs or shop documents. Sometimes, a cloud company will do both, such as withinside the case of Quickbooks’ mobile app. Cloud storage is certainly the storage problem of the cloud.

1. Public vs private cloud

There are kinds of cloud storage solutions public and private cloud. what you use needs to be based absolutely on the shape of information your agency wants to store. Public storage services provide multi-tenant storage this means that your statistics are probably stored with statistics from one-of-a-kind companies moreover using the carrier.

2. Dropbox for enterprise

You can also have heard of dropbox because of the reality it’s normally used as a non-public cloud. They offer a loose place to virtually every person looking to shop files within the cloud, but moreover, they excel in phrases of small companies. Dropbox is a phrase of the document, sharing a synching, making it clean to percent files for the duration of all of your teams, anywhere, anytime.

3. Sugarsync for enterprise

The agency has a totally particular outlook plugin that lets you keep your organization emails virtually uncluttered and free of more information. Much like google drive is used on the personal cloud, SugarSync lets you deliver a link to a file or folder in the desire to right now attaching it into an email.

4. Box

It is beneficial to small companies due to its charge point. Box’s purpose is to foster collaboration inside your crew. though you could synch and store, it’s now no longer clearly catered in the direction of that. the carrier does, but, centralize commercial enterprise information so your team can get essential documents whilst and anywhere they’ll want them.

5. Google drive

Google drive moreover lets you shop any shape of report you could want. As a writer and style designer who owns her non-public small enterprise. I use google drive to shop large photoshop files and music invoices and task final dates with my clients. This is especially useful to groups using adobe creative cloud because of real clients can preview photoshop and illustrator files no longer having to install photoshop or illustrator.

6. Microsoft onedrive

Microsoft onedrive is Microsoft’s strategy to google drive, and it’s seamlessly integrated into windows jogging systems. If you’re an industrial agency whose life and soul run on windows computers, this is the service for you. If you use Windows 8 or Windows phone, you may sync your machine/device settings and apps and files and folders.

7. Spideroak

Security is prime in relation to spideroak. Your information may be fiercely protected, which is excellent essential in case you’re managing patron monetary information. Think of it this manner a standard cloud storage company encrypts your information as to its importing and encrypt the information on their servers.


Backups are important to strolling a consistent enterprise, but having them on your non-public personal server is a risk. Anything can take you to a server on your place of work building. Cloud even gets roasted from electric-powered troubles or taken out through the method of a random leak on your roof, in a way know. This is why MozyPro is a remarkable carrier.

9. carbonite business

Carbonite business is like as MozyPro and will backup files from every windows and mac PC. Where you want to use carbonite is especially for backing up windows absolute servers. The “business premier” enhance lets you decrease again files from your windows report server, but not able to cope with mac servers.

10. Crashplan

People who use Linux and solaris may also experience a touch neglected on the subject of cloud storage solutions. Most cater to both for Windows or Mac. Where the opposition fails, crashplan swoops in as it works with Windows, Mac and Linux, and Solaris.


A cloud storage solutions can be something you want it to be. Pick one that works collectively in conjunction with your team, whether or not you no longer need device backups, collaboration, and sharing, or both.